Our educational approach and culture

Le Carrousel Boris Cyrulnik is happy to welcome in its premises, children between 0 and 6 years old, to offer them a happy and friendly environment, so that they can flourish and develop in a balanced way, their social, motor, emotional and cognitive sides.

In this vision, Le Carrousel Boris Cyrulnik has adopted since its creation in 2014 a process that proved to be extremely successful and, in which, active pedagogy places children at the center of their learning and their discoveries, which helps them stimulate their curiosity, their creativity and to, thus, develop their sense of exploration, to enrich their general knowledge and language skills, especially in the language of Moliere!

Our educational approach revolves around the following priorities:

  • The practice of French and / or English, especially orally, by creating authentic situations of communication.
  • Preparing the children for successful schooling, and help them adapt to different educational systems
  • Developing in children the taste for the arts from an early age, to introduce them to the culture of museums and galleries.
  • Valorizing the basic identity of the children and openness to other cultures.
  • Learning the basics of citizenship education and learning to live together, as a community.

Since French is our first language, most of our dedicated educators, schooled at the Boris Cyrulnik Institute of Romania, are native French speakers and are carefully prepared to help identify the necessities and skill set of each child and adjust to them.

All our partners and suppliers, from transporters to caterers, respect the highest standards, to comply with our safety and health requirements.

  • Being open, social, doing things together;
  • Speaking up, sharing ideas, building character;
  • Expressing ourselves with clarity and precision;
  • Learning by playing;
  • We are responsible for inspiring others and setting examples;
  • Valuing our individuality and rights;
  • Embracing challenges;
  • Reaching goals and finding joy and empowerment in each achievement.