Our Team

Our team of experienced educators is made of native French speaking professionals that understand and share our vision and objectives. We hire not only based on resumes, but on attitudes, as well, as we expect every Le Carrousel member to help cultivate supportive, respectful environments which make children feel safe, secure, taken into account.

Our work is a form of continuous investment in people, as it is our priority to foster the development of our educators and ensure they become strong, reliable role-models and

Camelia Veteleanu

In 2014, Camelia opened the first Le Carrousel, starting from the need to offer her daughter Caroline a kindergarten based on a practical educational model, centered around children, their experiences and the way they perceive the world. The idea took shape and got perfected in a way which enabled Le Carrousel to become one of the trusted, admired preschooling models.

Positive and always oriented towards finding solutions, Camelia is the person that ensures Le Carrousel keeps on moving!

Youssef Elabdi
Pedagogical Project Coordinator

Youssef joined our team in 2017, when he came to Romania to be a part of our beautiful story. As a pedagogical project coordinator, he oversees educators, the curricula and children�s activities.

Passionate about his work, Youssef is a great support both for his colleagues and the kids.


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